Sunday, August 15, 2010

Kopi Pracampuran Herba - JEMBAL

Untuk "Tenaga Kuat, Minda Hebat"

Not just regular coffee, drinks products are formulated from a special day arabica coffee and food on the Sunnah "Black Sawda, dates, raisins, Olive & Fruit Tin"

Enriched with protein, fiber, sugars, vitamin A & C and minerals, or minerals such as iron, calcium, sodium and potassium.


SM: Rm 13.50/box (12 Sachet x 23gm)

SS: Rm 15.00/box (12 Sachet x 23gm)

SM: Rm 22.00/Papan (20 Sachet x 23gm)

SS: Rm 24.00/Papan (20 Sachet x 23gm)

For More Information, Please Contact:

Haji Abdul Karim Ahmad (Pengarah Hikmah Herbal Tech Sdn.Bhd)


" Pengedar Diperlukan Segera"

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